Our Company

Mr. Balliram Maharaj
CEO – ADM Import & Export Limited

” In order to gain respect, one must give respect. Respect and appreciation for human values will characterize a life of service to others.   Just remember – Man plans; God Decides…”


In July 1958, the fourth son, Balliram Maharaj joined the business assisting his parents. In 1960’s School Boy Parlour  expanded its reach by acquiring an estate in Sans Souci, Toco supplying fresh produce to the Hilo Food Stores’ Warehouse on Sackville Street, public markets and then finally to the “One Stop Shop” in  Arima. Driven with pride , Mr. Balliram Maharaj’s vision evolved the  “School Boy Parlour” into  the prominent Maharaj Group of Companies which comprises of – Maharaj West Side, Jumbo Foods, Ridgewood Plaza (1979) Ltd, ADM Distributors Limited which is led by its CEO, Mr. Balliram Maharaj.

Kumar Maharaj
Kumar Maharaj joined in 1962.


Bindra Maharaj
Bindra Maharaj joined in 1960.


Ishwar Maharaj
In 1999, Balliram’s first son, Ishwar Maharaj and his wife, Asha, independently continue the tradition of the “One Stop Shop” with Hearty Foods and Ashleys Bed Bath Ltd.

History of ADM Import & Export Limited

The Company started from humble beginnings in 1934 by Mr. Ramlal Maharaj and Mrs. Basso Tota-Maharaj. Mrs. Tota-Maharaj came from a family with a background in transportation and trading. This, combined with Mr. Maharaj’s experience in agriculture, became the driving force for the young couple’s business, which was known as the ‘School Boy Parlour’. The gift of a plot of land from Mrs. Phoole Tota-Maharaj to her daughter Basso was the ideal location for the parlour. It was located opposite the Arima Boys Government School, at the Corner of King and Lopez Streets, Arima.


The School Boy Parlour was driven with passion and ‘word of mouth’ marketing and grew from a parlour whose main customers were teachers and children to a ‘One Stop Shop’ to house grocery, vegetables, restaurant, bakery and variety store items. The shop also played a pivotal role by providing soldiers with food and other basic commodities during World War II.


The businesses are now a staple not only in Arima and environs but throughout Trinidad and Tobago and are a major player in the Distribution, Wholesale and Retail segments of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Value Chain.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the Distributor of Choice, in markets we serve for generations to come.


Our Mission

To relentlessly provide quality world class brands at affordable prices. We continually seek to add value to our Suppliers, Customers and Consumers by nurturing a culture of service excellence


Core Values

  • Commitment to Customers
  • Provision of Quality Products
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Corporate Social Responsibility



HALAL – all of our meats are Halal