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Fonterra New Zealand Cheese has always been a favourite in fridges globally including Trinidad and Tobago. Whether it’s grilled on a toastie, packed in the kids’ lunchbox, crumbled into a salad or used as the star for your recipes with cheese. With its versatility, great taste and fantastic selection when you choose our cheese you’ll discover a cheese that really is perfect for any occasion.

Fonterra cheese is the best cheese for melting. Similarly it digests perfectly. Fonterra cheddar cheese is the first and original cheddar cheese of  Trinidad & Tobago, we fondly call it “Trinidad Cheese” . Its know for its premium quality, firmness yet mild taste. Fonterra cheddar cheese is aged cheddar cheese of New Zealand that adheres to the curing process and is not young cheese.

Ideal for pizza, pies, sandwiches, wine paring and in salads.

Did You Know?
Fonterra NZMP Cheese and Butter won international honours at 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest. Read more here