What we do

In today’s evolving market you need a company that has the manpower and competitive edge to bring your products to the market. ADM’s staff has over 35 years of combined experience in both successes and failures. Our staff is very competitive and you can rest assured we know what works!

Brand Management

ADM manages several highly recognized and international brands for companies such as Fonterra Dairy (New Zealand), West India Trading Company (Canada), Chisholm Limited (Canada), Carrex International (England), Slot Frans and Company (Holland), Somerdale International (England) and Export Import Trade Centre of Canada & U.S.A. Limited (Canada).

ADM’s key brands are managed by our trusted staff, who can provide market intelligence reports on demand. Our primary focus is to expand market share and build brand perception.


Distribution Services

ADM reinforces its distribution channel strengths by continually monitor consumer behavior and needs! ADM’s distribution channel strengths can be found in Food Services, Wholesale and Retail.

The Food Service channel of our operation covers hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, airlines and other commercial and institutional food service operators. Our food service channel is growing ever year.

The Wholesale and Retail channel of our operations continues to evolve and expand. ADM is extending its reach every year throughout the market and has plans to step into the regional arena. The benefit to our suppliers and international partners is to be able to use the same trusted and result oriented distributor.


Private Labeling

The Rainbow brand is ADM’s synergy brands. ADM’s main aim is to satisfy consumer needs, increase market share and brand equity. The brand’s successful launch highlights ADM’s brand and product management capabilities.

The Perfecto Brand, soon to be launch, will feature a wide range of personal care products and toiletries that are high in quality and moderately priced.

The Rainbow Brand is rapidly growing and features a wide range of food service items that are competitively priced without the loss of quality to the consumer. Consumer feedback indicates that our selection of products meet and in some instances exceed the quality of similar branded items.


Retail Outlet Rentals

Ridgewood Plaza is a prime location for prospective tenants. The plaza is centrally located and guarantees a constant flow of traffic.

Some of the tenants at the plaza are:

  • Courts Furniture Store
  • Royal Castle Fast Food Restaurant
  • Smokey’s Bar
  • Bhaggan’s Drugs
  • Original Dairy Bar
  • Hi-Lo Supermarket
  • Patsy’s Salon
  • Dianne’s Bakery


Retail and Wholesale

The Maharaj Group also owns and operates several retail outlets that provide direct avenues for market research and monitoring consumer trends.

Jumbo Foods, Maharaj West Side and Hearty Foods supermarkets are our front end retail outlets. These supermarkets provide an avenue for product turnover as well as consumer feedback. Our philosophy is to keep in touch with the end consumer so that we can better calculate market potential and market risks.

Arima Discount Mart is our solely owned wholesale outlet that allows smaller retailers a chance to buy smaller bulk quantities at wholesale prices. The idea is two fold, it promotes healthy competition in the market by giving smaller retailers a competitive advantage and it increases market availability for our distributed brands at a minimal mark-up.



ADM’s Carapo warehouse is fully equipped, with over 30,000 square feet covered storage on forty acres of land. We pride ourselves in a very efficient warehouse that employs just in time principles to lower storage costs.

The newest addition to our warehouse is a multi-room cold storage facility that houses ambient, chill and frozen products for distribution. Our cold storage facility can also be rented, please contact us if you are interested.