Why consumers trust Perfecto dishwashing liquid for their daily cleaning ?

Perfecto dishwashing Liquid does so much more, for less .

Cleaning Re-defined – not only for your dishes but so much more in an around your home.

Recommended tips for using Perfecto Dishwashing Liquid

Cleaning Tips In and Around Your House:


Mopping — Add a few drops of Perfecto dish washing liquid to your mop bucket of water and your floors will sparkle.


Surface cleaning — You don’t need special cleaning solutions for your countertops and walls. Just add a few Perfecto dish washing liquid drops of dish to warm water and scrub them clean.


Stainless steel — Stainless steel cleaner is so expensive. Use water and Perfecto dish washing liquid to clean your appliances, being careful to wipe with the grain. Perfecto dish washing liquidis a great liquid to keep things natural and gentle. If you think it needs a little something extra, polish with baby oil and a paper towel.


Appliances — The rest of your appliances, both large and small, can also benefit from a simple wipe of  Perfecto dish washing liquid and water with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


Cabinets — Cabinets are hard to clean. Not only does your kitchen probably have a ton of them, but they get dirty. Grease and spills from your kitchen tend to stick to the wood, covering them in a nasty film. Thankfully, there’s no better grease fighter than Perfecto dish washing liquid, so a few drops of this in a bucket of hot water should do the trick.


Marble and granite — most people think natural stone is hard to clean, some cleaners to tend to build up and leave a haze behind. Stop overthinking it and use a simple solution of Perfecto dish washing liquid and water to leave the surface clean and clear — no haze required.


Windows — To achieve streak-free window panes, simply mix some water and dish liquid and wipe away the dirt and fingerprints with a microfiber cleaning cloth.


Clean the bathroom — Save some elbow grease the next time you clean your bathroom. Pour equal parts of Perfecto dish washing liquid and white vinegar into a spray bottle and shake to mix. Spray the mixture on your bathtub, sink and toilet, and let it sit. Rinse away after about 15 minutes and your surfaces will be clean — no scrubbing needed.


Clean soap scum — Pour perfecto dishwashing liquid on soap scum and let it sit overnight. In the morning, wash it away and soap scum will wipe away with it.

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