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The vision for Rainbow Products is to make it the National brand of Trinidad and Tobago and therefore appeal to the patriotic spirit in all nationals.
Rainbow first started in Arima Discount Mart ten years ago as sole distributor of a meat based product - Rainbow Corned Beef. Rainbow has expanded into a diverse array of food products which include vegetarian products (see below for list), and plans to increase the range over the coming years.
Our products are available not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but throughout the CARICOM, which are mostly English speaking countries. Our branding theme is tropical like the region that we supply to. If you fall into the young adult or even mature category, male and female, chances are that you have purchased and used a Rainbow product. Professionals of every race and religion can enjoy feeding their families, if it includes just you or is extended to include your grandmother too!
Currently, Rainbow Products are being packaged locally and in foreign countries. There must be a firm and strict observation on maintaining the consistency of quality and control of the product, whether it is the item itself or the packaging. Rainbow Products is a brand which shows love and devotion to its homeland of Trinidad and Tobago, a brand for true patriotism.


The Perfecto product line and description soon to come...


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ADM is considered the agent of agents. We carry a wide array of products; local, regional and international.

ADM's is currently working on cataloging all of our products. However, you can get a detailed list of products that we currently stock by downloading the following PDF document: Product Listing.

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